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I Love Jesus But I Cuss A Little V-neck shirt | Funny Christian Shirt

I Love Jesus But I Cuss A Little V-neck shirt | Funny Christian Shirt

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Embrace your imperfectly perfect self with our cheeky "I Love Jesus But I Cuss a Little" Shirt—a playful nod to the reality that none of us can be perfect all the time, and hey, that's perfectly okay! The best part? God doesn't expect perfection from us—cue the confetti and hallelujahs! Yay for being human!

Imagine a world where perfection was the norm? We'd all be in a bit of trouble, wouldn't we? Thankfully, God gets it! So, let's revel in the fact that we can still love Jesus, and He loves us right back, even if we let out a colorful word or two. It's all part of the beautifully messy tapestry of life.

This shirt is not just a garment; it's a lighthearted celebration of the grace that comes with being delightfully imperfect. Wear it proudly, laugh a little, and let it serve as a reminder that, in this wild and wonderful journey, our quirks and occasional slips don't diminish the love Jesus has for us.

Grab your "I Love Jesus But I Cuss a Little" Shirt today and strut through life with a grin. It's not about being perfect; it's about being authentically you, flaws and all. Because in the grand scheme of things, a little cussing doesn't dim the love Jesus has for you. Let the laughter roll, and revel in the joy of being wonderfully human!


This funny Christian shirt is 100% Ringspun Cotton by Bella + Canvas and is unisex comfy fit.

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