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Floral Radiant Journal | Floral Spiral Notebook

Floral Radiant Journal | Floral Spiral Notebook

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This is a beautiful, floral Radiant Journal ready for you to jot down your thoughts. What is being Radiant? Exuding brightness or light. Like a diamond and all it's facets shining light in all directions, we are Radiant in God's eyes. According to Psalm 34:5 "Those who look at HIM are RADIANT with joy". When we look to God, we are radiant. This Radiant journal is great for keeping track of all the things that bring light and brightness to your life. It is a reminder to look to God and HE will help you be a brilliant light! 

Be the positivity. 

This 6"x8" journal has 118 lined pages, a floral front and black back cover. There is also a pocket on the last page for other papers, notes and stickers.  

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